Tracy Karkut-Law

DJ Coordinator

Tracy was recently won the ‘Ravi Shankar’ award for hippie with best musical taste in the world. Our DJ Overlord runs the tightest of ships, will fight for your right to party and would love you to bring her a cup of tea when she’s DJing past 3am. A truly wonderful woman and an integral…

Giedre Paplaityte


Giedre will be one of our endlessly talented Solo Blues instructors this year adding another jewel to an already all star cast. She started dancing Lithuanian traditional dances at the age of five. After taking a bunch of modern dance classes while at school she was constantly looking for the dance community that would have a…

Meschiya Lake-Härm

Live Music Coordinator

Along with the ethereally-cute baby Saoirse (Seer-Sha) Meschiya will be coordinating our live music with an iron fist. She’ll spend her time fulfilling ridiculous artist-type requests, packing up stages, hustling musicians and making sure the sound is as perfect as Michael Jacksons second nose. Welcome to the team Meschiya.

Daragh Regan

Staff Coordinator

We needed someone who could deftly organise an angry bag of feral cats, schedule a workforce with Swiss-clockwork style efficiency, inspire loyalty in his team of hard working (and hard partying) minions, crack the old whip to get things done when needed and do it all while looking like a million dollars. There could only…

Vitalia Brukhanska


Vitalia and Taras are known for their passion for the Blues. They are popular as teachers, choreographers and social and show dancers. Both students and spectators love them for combining musicality, leading and following, strong technique and improvisation in their dance. As teachers they focus on dance technique at all the levels and teach the students to…

Youngdon Kwon


Youngdon is a seasoned veteran of the blues arts. Known as the organiser of BlueSweet (the very first blues workshops in Asia) & Korea Blues Camp (the biggest blues dance event in Asia). He started his dancing life with a Lindy hop background but when he first experienced blues dancing in U.S., he immediately fell…

Whitton Frank


This pint-sized, passionate, purveyor of good ol’ fashioned, down-home blues has traveled and taught her way around the globe more times that Google can count. Whitton will be spearheading our live music classes alongside the Magic Bones. Expanding on our previous years efforts to bring live music into the classroom we will now be working…

Taras Melnik


Taras and Vitalia are known for their passion for the blues. Popular as teachers, choreographers and social and show dancers they are long time friends of the BBE family. Both students and spectators love them for combining musicality, leading and following, strong technique and improvisation in their dance. As teachers they focus on dance technique at all…

Dan Nash

Fecking Legend

Dan is an embodiment of BBE. Playing and partying all night, smile from ear to ear, warm and welcoming to all and has never missed an early class. A nonliteral vault of information on the blues he can be found regularly in Mississippi and Louisiana playing, researching and truly living the life of a blues man.…

Dawa Jung


Since 2010 Dawa has been an unstoppable force in the blues scene. She began her teaching career after attended blues events in U.S. to explore and draw more inspiration for an authentic style of blues dance. A true powerhouse of the Korean swing scene she is not only teaching  but organising as well. She loves…

Clemens Albrecht

Sound/Stage Technician

How do you begin trying to describe this true rock n roll God in words? This man has single handedly saved BBE from imminent danger more times than we care to recall. A true wizard behind the sound deck, cheek bones that could cut you and one of the greatest men to ever don a…

Andrew Miller


I take the photos. Photography is a learning experience that never ends! I always wants more photos of sharp dressed people partying, sharing a drink and a laugh. “Enough with the dancing photos!” Now, go get your buddies and buy some shots at the bar so I can make the camera happy. Thanks everyone.