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BBE 2019?

The answer to the big question…will there be a BBE ’19? No, sadly there won’t be. Will there be a BBE 2020? Yes, most definitely. So what happened to BBE? A lot of everything. Babies, new countries, new careers, divorces…a whole lot of adult life really. BBE is, at times, a part time job and…

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The Monday After Party? Where’d you go?

Greetings and apologies, The unofficial Monday after party for BBE this year was missing. The Jelly Roll Blues Session has been our afterparty for many years now and has moved from location to location many times. The information provided to us led us to believe that the venue would be open and that music would…

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Pre-Event Freak-Out Update!

Staff Wanted Do you have a basic grasp of the english language? Can you use your phone to do simple addition and subtraction? Are you able to smile and ask ‘May I see your registration pass?’ at the same time? Do you want to make €10 an hour for doing some of the above? BBE…

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