Our Mission

To offer a Tee-shirt that will attract compliments in the real world.

Event Tee-Shirts have (almost) never been cool, stylish or fashionable. Simply slapping a logo onto a cheap, ill-fitting, 85% cotton, Fruit of the Loom shirt and charging too much isn’t what you deserve.

Your heavenly body is a power-magic temple of breathtaking magnificence. It requires decoration that not only fits like the Joker’s suits but also feels like being hugged by a puppy elemental.

Bomby McBombface

100% ring spun cotton, semi fitted, preshrunk jersey knit with a badass BBE style bomb face man about to blow his own brains out because BBE will blow your mind…get it?

It may be different from everyone else and it could be over the top but we are BBE…
We’ve never followed trends and we’re often over the top.

*Glossy tan and amazing teeth not included.