Anything Goes

You probably just got off a plane and are ready to cause some serious damage in Berlin. No need for fancy clothes here, just get your booty on the floor get down on it. First impressions do last though and if you want to make an impact at BBE a snazzy outfit doesn’t hurt.
• Welcome to Berlin Blues Explosion •


Juke Joint

The most influential of all Blues dance arenas. Juke joint fashion ranges as much as the music that was played in them. Think stylish rather than fashionable for this one, jook joint is the Blues dancers version on vintage fashion.

• High waisted pants, flat caps, sweater vests, riding pants, fedoras, neckerchiefs or overalls •


Suit Up!

Nothing but pure unadulterated, ultra class. If your outfit isn’t going to stop traffic you’ve underdressed. Tangoloft is one of the classiest venues in Berlin, do the venue justice and Suit Up! Gentlemen remember that the beauty is in the detail. Ladies, we’re sure you’ve got this sorted by now.

• Fashion comes and goes but style is forever •


Theme Party ~ The Monsters Ball!

After working so hard all weekend lets blow off some steam and act a little crazier than normal.

Time to let your true self shine through for one night only. Creatures from every crypt and catacomb will crawl out of the woodwork and descend upon Berlin. It’s going to look a lot like that Backstreet Boys video combined with strangest parts of Tim Burton’s films.

• Vampires, wolf-people, scary clown, mummies, evil nuns, devils, witches and more •

Can’t I just wear what I like?

Of course (almost), themes are for building great atmosphere not making people uncomfortable.

…what’s with that almost?

We require shoes to be worn while dancing,
We’ve seen too many broken toes from dance collisions.