October 6 ~ 9

Dance Your Fecking Face Off
  • Sold Out

    We told you it would happen!

  • Live Music Classes

    With Dan Nash & Annette Kühnle

  • Jenny, Are Registrations Open?

    Yes they are Chris. Yes they are.

  • Live Music

    Over 14 hours of hip shakin' tunes!

13 September, 2016

Sold Out!

We are as excited as Justin Bieber in a thunder storm, rampaging naked […]

Toga! Toga! Toga! The Costume Party: Every year people ask “Why?”. Every year we […]

11 August, 2016

Registration Update!

Standard two-months before the event registration update. You now realise that BBE is going […]

As promised, her very own shout out! This magical maiden of movement mastery is […]

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  • Dan Nash
  • Annette Kühnle
  • Adamo Ciarallo
  • Jenny Sowden