October 6 ~ 9

Dance Your Fecking Face Off
  • Live Music Classes

    With Dan Nash & Annette Kühnle

  • Jenny, Are Registrations Open?

    Yes they are Chris. Yes they are.

  • Live Music

    Over 14 hours of hip shakin' tunes!

13 July, 2016

Almost Sold Out…

Only 2.5 months away, over 150 dancers and 25 countries attending. Time to start putting some savings […]

Your last chance in 2016 to show devotion the most sacred cause known to dance events […]

Over 100 registrations and 7 more days to catch the worm! Looks like it’s […]

Two weeks into registrations. Here are the fact and figures… Passes Sold Boogie […]

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  • Dan Nash
  • Annette Kühnle
  • Adamo Ciarallo
  • Jenny Sowden