Marie Antoinette


This incredibly charming venue, looking directly out over the river Spree, will kick off the BBE parties. If you’re coming in straight from the airport we have an area for you to store your bags, register with ease and get on the floor. As always we’re throwing a ‘meet and greet’ with normal people music to catch up with long lost friends and sink a few brews before the action starts.

25 mins Metro / 45 mins walking from Frannz Club.


Friday & Saturday

 Looking for a venue to seduce you right after it scares the crap out of you? Probably not, we’re going to give you one anyway! Through a dark and not entirely welcoming (though completely safe) alley, up some industrial stairs follow the sweet sounds of the Blues. Check your bag and walk into one of the most gorgeous venues Berlin has to offer dancers. A hand built-floor, by dancers for dancers. Want to dance until 6am, not a problem.

24 mins Metro / 40 mins walking from Frannz Club.



It might not be the closest venue but it certainly is the best! Two dance floors, room for luggage and a beautifully stocked bar,.

Dress Theme ~ The Monsters Ball

10 mins Walk/1 Metro station from Frannz Club.

Toast Hawaii


The Jelly Roll Sessions

Unofficial Afterparty

The best music, food, beer and company that Berlin can rub in your face on a Monday night. This is one of the longest running blues nights in the city and our Leanna is the resident DJ.


1 min walk to Frannz Club



Frannz Club

 The beating heart of BBE from its inception. This indispensable venue will host three of our workshop rooms and serve us up our delicious lunches. The bar will be open from before the classes start to after they end so you can roll-over, refill or get some ‘hair of the dog’ in you. This place is the epicentre of BBE so book hostels close by.

All roads lead to Frannz Club.


 Custom built floors, streaming sunlight, wall to wall mirrors and a lovely little foyer. Jangada has been with us for a few years now and will play host primarily to the Blues Roots workshops with Catherine. You’re super close to Frannz so you can still grab your workshop lunches and feast with your fellow festival friends.

30 seconds from Frannz Club.