Level Consolidation

Please note that the Boogie Chillun’ & Halfway Hero levels have been be joined together this year.

Boogie Chillun’


For the dancers who…

Have been taking local classes.
Are some of the newer social dancers.
Have been to very few events or none.
Have been dancing for under one year.
Expect to be one of the newer blues dancers at BBE.

Welcome to the family!

Salty Veteran


For the dancers who…

Performers, teachers or competitors.
Have been to over a dozen events.
Are at the highest-end of social dancers.
Have been blues dancing for over four years.
Expect to be one of the best dancers at BBE.

Thank you for inspiring the next generation!

Halfway Hero


Intermediate dancer closer to a beginner.

Jook Junkie


Intermediate dancer closer to advanced.

Solo Blues

(Solo Workshops)

For dancers who want to…

Master their dance bodies.
Study safe movement technique.
Increase depth of body awareness.
Learn about the heritage of Blues dance.
Train solo skills for their partnered dancing.

Open to all level of dancers!