Taras and Vitalia are known for their passion for the blues. Popular as teachers, choreographers and social and show dancers they are long time friends of the BBE family. Both students and spectators love them for combining musicality, leading and following, strong technique and improvisation in their dance. As teachers they focus on dance technique at all the levels and teach the students to listen to the music and improvise that gives an additional dynamics to the dance.

Taras started his dance career in 1994. The dance took the special place in his life already that time. That was the long way. First it was 5 years of ballroom dancing, than 6 years of tap, rock’n’roll and boogie – woogie and finally he has found himself in blues and swing dance.

Now Taras is the leader of the biggest swing dance school in Ukraine where he has been teaching and dancing for more than 12 years. Taras is frequently being invited to teach in the international dance camps and to make choreographies for dance shows.