Annette hails from Heidelberg, Germany and is one of Europe’s most prominent proselytisers (a fanatic hell bent on converting the world to their faith) of blues dance as a teacher, social dancer, DJ and organiser. Her love of teaching and dancing is infectious and if you’ve travelled for blues, you probably already knew that. Annette is excited to be back in her beloved Berlin and she is looking forward to helping you bring out your inner awesome!

In her classes at BBE this year, she will be joined by Dan Nash, blues musician and history buff extraordinaire. They have been teaching together since 2012 and love bringing the worlds of music and dance together. Here’s what Annette has to say about working with Dan:

“Whenever Dan and I start planning a class together, I know I’m signing up for some serious research because this man really knows what he’s talking about! It’s a pleasure and privilege to work with someone who has put so much time, dedication and practice into their art and who isn’t afraid to bounce ideas off someone from a related art form. Dan loves to play for dancers and is always eager to figure out why we move to the music the way we do – which coincides nicely with my interest in the music, the playing technique and the history of the blues. Covering anything from blues styles to rhythms, from structure to musicality, Dan and I aim to bridge the gap between bandstand and dance floor.”