If you’re a BBE veteran you’ll know there is one rule we hold dearest, common sense applies.

If you’re not common and require more direct guidance please read on.

Inappropriate or illegal actions and activities will have consequences. We might take you aside and have a quick word, we might ask you to leave and we might call the police. Please respect anyone offering guidance on your behaviour be they a staff member or otherwise.

Should you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour please promptly bring it to the attention of the safe space liaison or the organisers. If something like this happens during a class, bring it to the attention of an instructor.

Everyone is worthy of equal respect regardless of race, religion, nationality, creed, sex, age, gender expression, sexual orientation, weight, ability, dance skill, politics, lifestyle, personal boundaries and anything else you can think of that belongs on a such a list.

Respect the physical and personal boundaries of your BBE brethren on and off the dance floor. Despite our best efforts we can accidentally make others uncomfortable, ensure all interactions are consensual.

We are all equally entitled to the feeling of safety, security and support.

An intimate dance isn’t an invitation for intimate sexual behaviour.

Hygiene, it’s really important.
Keep it clean folks.

Resist the rising urge to deliver feedback on the dance floor.
We hire some pretty amazing teachers to do that in classes.

Thank you for reading. BBE is a party event but that doesn’t mean we can flip tables, set things on fire and violate the mashed potatoes. We encourage a little chaos but we do not, in any way, tolerate disrespect between our fellow humans and the spaces we dance in.

The BBE Team



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