Theme Party – Circus! Circus!

Step right up ladies and gentlemen, see the greatest show in the world. The tallest of the tall and the smallest of the small. Strongmen that put Samson to shame, bearded ladies from across the nile, an entire menagerie with colours you’ve ever even dreamed, fortune tellers wise in the ways of old magic, healers with power sent down from the divine, freaks of nature you have to see to believe and probably about one million ringleaders.

The circus will be in town for one night only folks. Dress Up – Throw Down.

Competition Registration is Open

Yes, competition registrations are open and selling fast.
Click here to enter the race for fortune and glory.


Want To Help Run BBE?

If helping to pull this mammoth event together by joining our staff team sounds appealing we are still looking for some able minded people to get this show on the road. Contact and tell her you’d like to be a part of our staff team.