What is the ‘Blues Roots’ track?

West African Dance 

Learn traditional dances that have travelled across the ocean from Africa to America. Polyrhythms galore and while religious in origin these dances, after becoming secular, are the building blocks of all the African-American dances that have risen over the past one hundred years.

Solo Blues

Now it’s time to put that weaponised body of yours into action! Here we learn the dances, movements, rhythms and aesthetics that turn good dancing into Blues dancing. The solo Blues component of this track will look at choreography as well as movement breakdowns, shapes and lines for the look of the dance as well as adding character into our motion.

Quality & Range of Body Movement

The depth of movement and control needed for Blues dance seems almost endless. Catherine has studied a range of dances extensively as well as human body kinetics…basically, she’s going to make you move in ways that you never thought a human being could. Will this help your partner dancing…you bet your sweet ass!

This will change the way your
body moves for the rest of your life.