The answer to the big question…will there be a BBE ’19?
No, sadly there won’t be.

Will there be a BBE 2020?
Yes, most definitely.

So what happened to BBE?
A lot of everything. Babies, new countries, new careers, divorces…a whole lot of adult life really.

BBE is, at times, a part time job and at other times it is a full time job. Running a festival that is up to BBE standards takes dedication, diligence, focus, creativity and a fuck load of time. Without the reserve energy to invest into this years production we wouldn’t be comfortable delivering a festival that isn’t world class.

Is BBE the greatest Blues dance festival in the world? Yeah, we like to think so and rather than tarnish it’s reputation with a half-assed effort we think it’s time to take a small break and come back at you with something you would be proud to call BBE.

Is BBE for sale?
Of course…everything is for sale.