Regrettably, we cannot offer an official hosting program.
BBE grew beyond the scope of hosting with the majority of dancers from outside Berlin.
The number of hosts simply doesn’t match the beds we’re asked to find.

Ask a local for a place to crash or find a cheap hostel.
Feel free to use this Facebook group to find a local host.


We really want you at BBE, no matter the size of your budget. We found a lot of very affordable options for you. Everything listed here is within walking distance to the main workshop venue (Frannz Club, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin) and located very centrally in case you are in for some tourism.

EastSeven Hostel
• 10% discount upon registration through website, code word “BBE 2017” in remark field.
• Walking distance 10 min or 1 subway stop.

Lette’m Sleep Hostel
• 10% discount, code word “BBE 2017” ~ No online bookings, e-mail or phone only.
• Walking distance 10 min or 1 subway stop.

Alcatraz Hostel
• 5% discount, code word “BBE 2017” ~ Two night stay minimum.
• Walking distance 10 min or 1 subway stop.

Pfefferbett Hostel
• Walking distance 10 min or 1 subway stop

Wombat’s Hostel
• Walking distance 15 min or 2 subway stops

• Walking distance 20 min or 3 subway stops
• Good Bloody Marys.

All hostels within 10/20 minute walk or 2 subway stops from Frannz Club.